Friday, July 27, 2007


July 27, 2007

For the past six months (and longer) there have been numerous predictions of war. Just as Yeshua predicted, that are not only wars, but also plenty of "rumors of wars". With the advent of the Internet we have surely fulfilled the quota of this prophecy. This generation of Believers appears to be afflicted with a syndrome that may be termed DDD (Deceptive Disinformation Dissemination).

I'm sure by now you have heard or seen the following:

"If war between Syria and Israel is indeed imminent the message calls for our most urgent intercession. It is interesting to note that… and his team recently commented that Syria is currently closing its borders and withdrawing all its personnel from Lebanon. Hal Lindsay backed up this info in his report on SKY TV on the evening of the 17th July and hinted at all out war."
Here is another email:

"Today we had business to do in Jerusalem, so we left our home at 7 am and traveled down the east side of the Galilee, through Bet Shean and past the check point at Sede Trimot in the Jordan Valley.

Once we entered the Jordan Valley as we passed through the Arab agricultural areas we noticed the following which is most unusual;

1. There were no people visible working the in the fields.
2. There were no children along the side of the road.
3. There were no tractors or other farm vehicles anywhere to be seen.
4. All of the vegetables had been completely harvested and the fields were 100% empty.
5. No preparation of the fields was evident for the next planting...Plastic was everywhere from the prior crop.
6. The greenhouses had no plants in them.....
7. The vegetable stands that are normally filled to the brim from the harvest were completely vacant.
8. This is the peak season for growing vegetables in the Jordan Valley, yet everything had been harvested and nothing was growing waiting to be harvested or picked.

We concluded our business in Jerusalem and got back on the road again about 2:45 pm
Heading north up the Jordan Valley. Again, no people, no fruit stands, no crops, nothing!"

Because there is such an interest in end-times and particularly in Israel's involvement in it, some Believers have become so obsessed with what they think or perceive to be a part of this scenario that they end up with what I call "end-time paranoia". Some friends in our fellowship traveled through this same area, going from Jerusalem to the North, and saw what would seem a complete opposite state of affairs. One has to realize that the Jordan Valley during the summer, especially at certain times of the day, is so hot (120 degrees is not unusual) that it would not allow the presence of anyone in the fields. Living in Samaria, surrounded by Arab villages and farms, we have been watching our neighbors busy in their fields and selling their fruit alongside the roads. Thus there is nothing that would confirm the above description.

Having some kind of reputation, does not make one ministry or another an authority on the prophetic. Many a time such "prophecies" are backed up by the claim that the "resulting intercession" changed the prophetic destiny. We must learn how to cast down every thought and imagination that exalt themselves against the knowledge of the sovereignty of the Most High Elohim.

Another email was just sent to us, of which came from a Messianic pastor here in Israel:
"For those of you considering travel to Israel but are concerned about security issues and the imminent threat of war I want to encourage you and your families. I personally see no indication of war against Israel in the immediate future, despite numbers of disturbing reports. Frankly I am concerned by the irresponsibility of some of these reports and so called, 'prophetic words.'I do believe in the prophetic and I believe that God warns through his prophets. This is all the more reason that we must be more careful in issuing prophetic alerts, so that we do not become skeptical of the true prophetic because of so many misguided, emotionally based warnings. We all remember the boy who cried 'wolf.'"

I believe that we are in the days of restoration, even though the times may be very turbulent. We therefore need to fix our eyes on the one who is faithfully fulfilling His words that He spoke to our forefathers and the prophets of old. Yes, there is a need for intercessors, but of the kind that are led by the Spirit, understand and are established in "present truth", desiring to cooperate with YHVH and not configure imaginary end time scenarios.